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design thinking

It’s a methodology to create breakthrough ideas which its effectiveness is to be focused in understanding and giving giving real solutions to real users’ needs.

It comes from the way product designers work.


Design thinking is a methodology which puts people on the spot to get to know them, find out about their needs, empathise and do what they really need us to do for them. This methodology helps us see opportunities where there seem to be problems, it helps solve well defined challenges, improve the products you already have and create new ones to the market pull.

Design thinking brings out several benefits not only in the personal field, but also the profesional one. With this methodology we are able to get to know our client better, find out about their needs and set them in the value chain.

This methodology lets define problems, turn them into opportunities, and find out breakthrough and creative solutions to companies.

Design Thinking

New Products creation

Based on Design Thinking methodology AIONTECH can not only develop different systems or products requiered in a Company, but also help to design new products that bring out value and return of investment..

These systems or products may be the ones as internal operations in the Company, this methodology outcomes trigger in simplifying and correcting day-to-day operation, costs reduction or improvement in information control, ease at system operation user’s use. (employees)