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Is a national and international electronic payments solution

Payment hub

At AIONTECH we have a national and international electronic payments solution which supports payment process standardization, pooling (centralization) managment and administration at financial institutions.

With the payment HUB you can make and manage more effectively the following transactions:

  • Payment pooling (centralization)
  • Cash flow liquiity
  • Supliers’ payment automation
  • Messaging creation automation
  • Wide transaction portfolio


With Payment HUB platform, there’s no need to be concerned about issues such as participant’s messaging characteristics, communication protocols, file exchange process.


Payment HUB supplies all kind of solutions to manage different kinds of transactional channels including the SWIFT format. It allows the reception of payment instructions in multiple formats (IDOC, MT101, Owner) through “Host to Host” outline wich come from corporate clients.


Every single transaction is processed and validated according to the message semantics, as well as each client’s business internal regulations.

Accounting statement creation in estándar format SWIFT (MT942, MT940) to corporate clients is another feature of this solution, since this format allows to deliver standarly, performed movements information on the day or previous periods to the client so as to be processed by their reconciliation systems.

Payment HUB has got a safety unit which gathers an outline for the control of screen acces, menus and users management.

Recruitment unit manage the services registration and settings which will be used for the clients. Besides that, this tool has got a dealing unit to control payment requests flow made by the clients.

Some of the main features of Payment Hub are:
  • Multisession – multirate functionality
  • Accounting statements creation in a single format
  • Pay-role management (DCV and payments and collection in general)
  • Correspondent Banks management