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Smart Concil

Reconciliation system to all your company’s statement account movements simple and quickly.


Smart Concil will let you reconciliate thoughout its front easily and in minutes.

It’s a changeable tool to set your business statements and reconciliate easily all your files whatever the format you use. You’ll be able to export all your reconciliations in different formats such as: Excel, CSV, TXT o XML.

Smart Concil is a tool which automatically will let you compare those movements made internally at company’s accounting to those made at bank statements accounts reported.

Smart Concil does a comparison of each accounting statement gotten from the core system to those movements made in each bank account registered at a bank statement.

Both, information load and bank statements at the accounting system, are made through an automatic process which takes information from a default path and processes each of the founded messages to their reconciliation.


Once information loaded, Smart Concil starts the movements reconciliation automatically, using validation patterns previously defined. (date, reference, description, amount, etc). Once this process has finished the reconciliated information can be consulted at the windows’ system showing each reconciliations made detail.


Those movements which can not be automatically conciliated for not fullfilling the settle patterns must be manually conciliated in the system through screens which show accounting movements (Ledger) and movements at a bank statement (Statement) in which certain regulations must be accomplished.

Once those processes are made, the reconciliation is closed, the authorization process starts by an administrative user. When the authorized user validates the information, each accounts reconciliation process can be finally closed which leds to generate the final reconciliation reports.

The bank reconciliation system has got an administration unit which offers different options to transaction management such as reconciliation, users’ providers and role assignment.

As part of functionality, it offers a statements reconciliation report unit, as well as the summary of those reconciliation pending ones (not conciliated parties) taking a balance control of each configurated accounts in the system.